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Crossflow filtration

Tubular ultrafiltration solutions

Conventional wastewater treatment systems tend to have problems with high levels of solids and viscous liquids, making cleaning and maintenance difficult.

To prevent fouling and clogging, Berghof Membranes developed their direct filtration tubular membranes which utilizing crossflow filtration, resulting in more fouling-resistant membranes that are ideal for the separation and filtration of challenging industrial effluent and wastewater.

Crossflow filtration membranes

Berghof Membranes offers a variety of membrane solutions for industrial applications.
Our membranes are available in a range from 5 kD to 30 nm.

Reference Installation

A large zero discharge treatment plant located in California’s Mojave desert faces the unique challenge of treating reverse osmosis (RO) concentrate/wastewater. Due to the increasing costs of water and waste discharge, new stringent reuse policies are placing heavier demands on companies in regards to concentrate recovery.

Higher fluxes

The tubular ultrafiltration membranes are well suited for separation of biological sludge and other applications with a high amount of solids. If high quality effluent is needed, the performance and robustness of the tubular membranes are unmatched. In a direct filtration system, the pressurized feed water runs across the membrane surface, minimizing the build-up of solids even at low flows. The turbulence created across the membrane surface provides optimal flux performance and prolongs membrane functionally and lifetime.

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