Berghof Membranes and Aquaporin Announce JDA

Companies take next step in commercializing Tubular Forward Osmosis Membrane technology

Leeuwarden, Netherlands – May 14, 2018 – Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH, leading manufacturer of tubular membranes for the filtration and separation of industrial process streams and wastewater, has announced that it has formally signed a joint development agreement with Aquaporin A/S, the Denmark-based developer of biomimetic membranes for industrial and consumer water applications. The agreement initiates commercial efforts, wherein both companies will leverage their respective expertise in forward osmosis (FO) and tubular membrane technologies, to launch products targeted for high-strength industrial wastewater and food and beverage process streams.

This is the next stage in a previously announced cooperation between Berghof Membranes and Aquaporin Asia to develop breakthrough membrane technologies. While further details are yet to be released about the dually-branded tubular FO  membrane line, both companies are committed to bringing products to market in 2018.

“We are eager to introduce our innovative FO tubular membrane modules into the market,” said Eric Wildeboer, chief executive officer of Berghof Membrane Technology. “Developing innovative filtration solutions to minimize energy consumption, maximize water reuse and recover valuable resources is the core of Berghof Membranes. This new agreement fits perfectly in-line with our company’s mission to create a cleaner environment and provide the best solutions for sustainable industrial growth.”

“We are excited to be taking the next step in commercializing the world’s first tubular FO membrane modules,” said Peter Holme Jensen, chief executive officer of Aquaporin A/S. “These modules will extend the Aquaporin Inside® FO technology platform and open new opportunities in treating challenging process and wastewater streams.”


Asia and Berghof Membranes have been working together under a three-year research and development project (1301-IRIS-02), funded by Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) with a grant of 2.5 million SGD under its Environment & Water Research Programme and administered by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency


About Berghof Membrane Technology

Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH (BMT), part of the Berghof Group, is the leading manufacturer of tubular mem­branes for the filtration and separation of process streams and wastewater in a variety of industries including dairy, landfills, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas. BMT products are manufactured to the hig­hest quality standards in the company’s fully automated facility in Eningen, Germany. With more than 50 years of experience and over 1,000 installed systems across the globe, Berghof Membranes prides itself on the robustness, flexibility, energy-efficiency and superior quality of its external filtration membranes and solutions. For more information, visit


About Aquaporin

Aquaporin A/S is a water technology company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with activities in Singapore and China.. Our company is dedicated to revolutionizing water purification through the use of industrial biotechnological techniques and thinking. Our company is a global leader in developing, producing and marketing biomimetic membranes for industrial and consumer water applications based on nature’s own water filtration system – the highly selective and efficient aquaporin water channels, capable of separating and purifying water from all other compounds. The Aquaporin Inside® platform uses biotechnological principles in a technological context – an emerging field with immense commercial perspectives. For more information, visit

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