Mission statement


In everything we do, we believe in:
Creating a clean environment for all generations and providing the best solutions for sustainable industrial growth.


We vouch for our solutions, that will contribute to reducing water scarcity, minimizing energy consumption and reusing valuable raw materials.

Share our knowledge, efforts and values with our OEM-partners, consultants, research institutes and universities.

By inspiring, guiding and educating our partners so they are willing to share our message.


Tubular membrane products and innovative filtration solutions for the treatment of industrial process streams and wastewater.

“Innovation and adaptability are strongly connected. Innovation is thinking differently as adaptability gives us the chance to innovate”

Eric Wildeboer, CEO Berghof Membranes

Eric Wildeboer - CEO Berghof Membranes
Berghof Membranes - Leader in Tubular Membrane Filtration