How to reduce fouling in tubular membrane filtration?

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During normal operation, the accumulation of particles, colloids, or precipitated salts on the membrane surface can have a dramatic effect on the performance of a membrane.

The B-SMART® system from Berghof Membranes can be designed with intelligent software that automatically initiates cleaning protocols to keep the system running under optimized conditions. This ensures a lower fouling rate, easier maintenance, minimal downtime, and peak performance.

We believe in external membrane filtration and it is the passion that drives us to “think outside the box” of membrane technology for wastewater treatment.


The external filtration systems are positioned outside the bioreactor and utilize variable crossflow velocity to keep the membranes working at optimal conditions.
If necessary, this process is supported with permeate backwash (temporarily reversed permeate flow) or chemical backwash protocols.

Tubular membrane filtration is frequently applied for wastewater treatment in the external configuration because of the greater ease in cleaning, zero odor emissions, and overall superior robustness.

Contact our team of engineers and see what external membrane filtration can do for your industry.


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