Landfill Leachate

Wastewater treatment landfill leachate

Leachate from landfills and incinerators arises mainly because rainwater penetrates the stored waste, but also from leakage of the garbage. The polluted leachate is collected by the garbage dump and undergoes special wastewater treatment.

The wastewater from landfills is characterized by a high variety of waste.

In addition to soluble nitrogen and sulfur compounds, chlorides and sulfates, the leachate contains a high degree of persistent organic pollutants. This makes the treatment of leachate originating from a landfill very challenging.

A cleaner environment by Berghof Membranes wastewater treatment solutions for leachate

Untreated wastewater from landfills causes a significant threat to surface water and groundwater. The presence of high COD concentration, pH, ammonia nitrogen and heavy metals will have to be neutralized before the leachate can be discharged.
Berghof Membranes proven UF solutions exceed in cleaning the wastewater that comes from landfills, thus contributing to a cleaner future.

Membrane products for the leachate industry

Berghof Membranes offers a complete line of membrane solutions for the leachate industry. See below for the related membrane products for the landfill industry.

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