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Mining for metals and alloys is an extremely water-intensive industry that not only requires large volumes of feed water, but also results in enormous amounts of heavily polluted and highly concentrated wastewater. In most cases, mining camps are situated in areas where fresh water is scarce, thus limiting the availability of process water for mining operations.

Because of this, the metal and mining industry faces several challenges. However, the supply of process water in an area with limited water sources, the treatment of polluted wastewater and rainfall, and the prevention of acid mine drainage are considered the most critical.

Berghof Membranes Project Reference 

A factory in mid-western United States specializes in the recovery of titanium from waste streams collected from other factories. The company challenged Berghof Membranes to:
• Deliver an efficient process to recover the valuable titanium and to achieve quality effluent for reuse in the process;
• To design an ultra filtration (UF) system that could keep up with the high-solid streams and conditions of this demanding process, while
minimizing energy consumption, membrane fouling and clogging.

Membrane products for metal and mining industry 

The robust ultrafiltration membranes of Berghof Membranes are widely used for the recovery of mined recourses from waste streams. In addition, our membranes can efficiently and cost-effectively treat highly polluted wastewater to be reused as process water, a crucial factor for the operational results of a mining camp.

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