Ultrafiltration Pilot systems

Bridging the gap between lab-scale
testing and commercial manufacturing

When you are on the critical path to validate your pre-designed membrane systems or replace your existing membrane modules, you want to be sure that you have a team of experts on your side that you can trust. This gives you the confidence to apply the technology for your specific wastewater challenges.

Having completed more than 2.000 projects worldwide, Berghof Membranes has grown since 1972 to become the leader in tubular membrane solutions for industrial applications. Over these years we have gained a lot of experience with piloting studies for tubular ultrafiltration, allowing our customers to tackle even their most challenging wastewater applications. Interested in knowing more about our piloting approach? Please fill in the form on the right-hand side.

Benefits of our containerized pilot units

  • Validation of pre-designed membrane systems for full-scale projects
  • Testing the commercial and technical feasibility of new membrane technologies and applications
  • Real-time data validation with extensive support from an experienced Berghof Membranes engineer
  • Gaining experience while operating under realistic environmental conditions
  • Understanding the overall operating costs and maintenance requirements of your system
  • Demonstrating the benefits of tubular ultrafiltration to end-users, showing them the clear advantages over alternative technologies
  • Standalone and plug-and-play, ensuring the pilot system is up-and-running in no time.
Pilot System Specifications
Capacity 4,0 – 10,0 L/h*
Crossflow velocity 0,6 – 4,0 m/s
Transmembrane pressure – 0,2…+ 6,0 bar
Max temperature 60 °C
pH Range 2 – 13
Power requirements Single phase (110 – 240V AC / 50 60 Hz)
Control VFD pump and membrane valves
Data output Wi-Fi, SD Card
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1070 x 520 x 642 mm
Weight 75 kg
Module Type MO P1U (o.5m)i8
Total Membrane Area 0.024 m2
Required feed amount 25 – 100 L

*Depending on the application

Containerized UF pilot units

Our containerized pilot units are plug-and-play and feature standardized but flexible software, allowing them to be customized to your filtration challenge. They have been designed to be flexible with the aim of coping with a broad range of wastewater characteristics and operational conditions: several membrane types, filtration parameters and flow capacities can be very easily implemented.  The pilot units of Berghof Membranes are stand-alone and easy to connect, preventing extensive capital investments required. The pilots are automated for continuous operation, with fully safe operation and online monitoring.

A typical piloting project takes 2 to 12 months, depending on the application and the scope of the study. After the start-up and training of operators, where one of our experienced application engineers is present for you on-site, your pilot system will be up and running in no time. Throughout the pilot phase, the performance is monitored and controlled remotely. A Process Engineer of Berghof Membranes is closely involved to ensure you an adequate translation of the pilot results to the most competitive full-scale design. Optimization of the performance of the pilot is a continuous process of data exchange and consultancy from our experienced engineers.

Together we maximize your membrane performance

Berghof Membranes combines premium membrane quality with outstanding know-how of implementation. Our experienced engineers are available to fully support you for the flawless operation of your ultrafiltration systems. Their extensive know-how makes the difference in the successful implementation of new membrane technologies. Together we maximize your membrane performance. If you are interested to know more about piloting with our standalone containerized pilot systems contact us for more information.

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