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As manufacturing industries grow to meet the demand of an ever-increasing population, the need for quality process water used in manufacturing processes and the high volume wastewater/effluent resulting from these processes have led companies to invest in more efficient wastewater treatment systems.

Unfortunately, traditional submerged filtration systems are:

  • Limited in fouling control
  • A costly investment due to large
    space requirements
  • Difficult to clean
  • Less efficient with lower
    flux rates

For these reasons, Berghof Membranes developed the B-SMART® intelligent software platform to further assist our OEM partners in offering unique and advanced solutions to their customers.

Compatible with all Berghof Membranes skid designs, B-SMART® is a proprietary software platform that enhances the performance, efficiency, robustness and maintenance of an external tubular UF system.

This intelligent software is a real game-changer that reduces the energy requirements traditionally associated with conventional crossflow filtration. The B-SMART® software ensures that the system will operate at the lowest possible crossflow velocity while maintaining desired flux, controlling fouling and minimizing membrane plugging.

Choose the configuration that best suits the application.

It’s that simple! Whichever configuration you choose, the variable frequency drive (VFD) pumps combined with the B-SMART® software will help to reduce energy costs.
The Eco version even allows for total system or individual module backwashing, the ability to operate in extra low energy mode and a significant reduction in overall chemical usage for cleaning.

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Reliability
B-SMART® Configuration

Case Studies
– External Membrane Filtration Systems –


A solar energy plant located in California’s Mojave desert faces the unique challenge of treating wastewater

ZLD | Thermal Solar Plant 

Auto Industry

External MBR wastwater treatment system
for a large tractor manufacturer
in Turkey.

MBR | Automotive Industry

Food & Beverage Industry

External MBR wastewater treatment system
for a large malt producer
in The Netherlands.

MBR | Food & Beverages Industy

Tannery Industry

A company in India services the wastewater treatment
of 130+ member tanneries via a common effluent
treatment plant (CETP)

MBR Pre-treatment | Tannery Industry