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B-SMART® – Membrane Filtration System

As manufacturing industries grow to meet the demand of an ever-increasing population, the need for quality process water used in manufacturing processes and the wastewater/effluent resulting from these processes have led companies to invest in more efficient wastewater treatment systems.

Traditional wastewater treatment systems are ineffective in handling the varying peaks and loads of wastewater streams. In addition, these systems are highly sensitive to fouling and system cleaning is a time-consuming, costly and dirty process.

Lowering Costs for our Customers

Berghof Membranes has developed two types of B-SMART® membrane systems tailored to suit the varying needs of our customers. Just as every industry, application and customer is unique, Berghof Membranes designs every B-SMART external membrane filtration system to address specific needs and requirements.

Some customers require solutions to reduce energy consumption and long-term operating costs, while others place a priority minimizing upfront capital expenditures. Whatever the case may be, Berghof Membranes can design the right system to deliver the savings and efficiency every customer needs.

Berghof Membranes Wastewater fitration applications for the Various Industries
B-SMART™ membrane system from Berghof Membranes

The External Principle

At Berghof Membranes we believe in external membrane filtration. Our wastewater systems are placed outside the bioreactor, which means the systems are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Due to the low-fouling risks of the system, chemical cleaning is needed less frequently thus delivering additional savings.

Minimizing CAPEX

The innovative, robust and straightforward design of the B-SMART membrane filtration system is ideally suited for high-fouling wastewater applications. In a typical tubular UF application, a fluid, such as pretreated wastewater, flows through the tubular modules at a high velocity, sufficient to maintain a turbulent flow.

At a typical transmembrane pressure (TMP) of 2 – 6 bar, the permeate stream is forced through the pores of the membrane while suspended particles remain in the retentate stream. The turbulent flow on the membrane´s surface prevents the build-up of particles on the inner surface of the tube, ensuring high flux and prolonged membrane lifetime.

Reducing OPEX

The self-regulating version of the external B-SMART membrane system from Berghof Membranes is equipped with built-in intelligent software to optimize your treatment process and reduce long-term operating costs.

The B-SMART software continuously monitors system data in real time to control pump speed, backwash and cleaning frequency, thereby minimizing energy consumption, maintenance time and costs. The self-regulating B-SMART system automatically adjusts to varying feed conditions to maintain operations at the lowest possible velocity while still achieving the desired output.

Minimized Fouling and Increased Savings

The Berghof tubular PVDF membranes were designed with superior robustness to ensure long membrane life and easy cleanability. Based on the inside-out principle, feed flows in an axial direction inside the tube and clean water permeates through the membrane wall. This ensures superior fouling control.

Berghof Membranes designed its innovative external B-SMART systems to help customers reduce costly energy consumption or minimize upfront capital expenditures. Operators can count on the system’s performance to meet strict permeate standards and avoid costly shut-downs.

Berghof Membranes Skit for Tubular Membrane Filtration - MBR
Berghof Membranes B-SMART™ external membrane filtration skit