Replacement of your ultrafiltration membranes

Depending on your application, it is known that membranes have a certain lifespan. To assure optimal performance it is important that you know the physical condition of your membranes. With more than 40 years of experience within membrane research & development, our B-Care plans fully support you in creating an optimum plan for membrane replacement, or even optimize your process to ensure a longer lifespan for your ultrafiltration membranes.

Increasing your performance by replacing ultrafiltration membranes

Berghof Membranes is at the edge of new innovations, therefore it is very likely that your current membranes have been superseded during their lifespan. On most occasions changing to a newer product is economical due to better performance and a reduction of expenditures. With our B-Care team, we can jointly develop a staged replacement plan for you to get the most out of your membranes. The new membrane modules have the same outer dimensions as the older ones, substitutions could not be faster or easier.

Berghof Membranes combine the highest standard of membrane products with the know-how for the implementation of tubular membrane products. Our well-trained engineers support you to ensure a flawless operation of your ultrafiltration installations. Together we maximize the output of your process. Our experience makes the difference in terms of efficiency, robustness, reliability, safety and quality. If you are interested to learn how we can support you to maximize your performance and how to keep your plant running efficiently, please fill in the contact form on the right.



    The External Principle

    We at Berghof Membranes believe in external membrane filtration and it is the passion that drives us to “think outside the box”.


    The Berghof Membranes filtration systems are positioned outside the bioreactor and utilize variable crossflow velocity to keep the membranes working at optimal conditions. If necessary, this process is supported with permeate backwash (temporarily reversed permeate flow) or chemical backwash protocols.

    Tubular membranes are frequently applied in the external configuration because of the greater ease in cleaning, zero odor emissions and overall superior robustness.

    Why External Membrane Filtration:

    • Easier operation, maintenance and replacement of modules
    • Higher flux rates (50-150 LMH)
    • Lower fouling potential
    • Reduced chemical usage due to extended cleaning periods
    • Modular “plug-and-play” design
    • Quick commissioning and increased flexibility
    • Zero odor emissions

    External Filtration Applications
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