Because process streams and wastewater can vary extremely, most of the time there is no standard solution for wastewater treatment. Unique, customized solutions for the effective treatment of wastewater are our speciality.

Testing of wastewater treatment systems

New applications often require in-house testing to ensure an optimal treatment of effluent by a wastewater treatment system. During the pilot phase, the system is validated so that it perfectly fits your specific situation. In addition, the operational settings of the system are optimized and the KPIs are formed (required water quality of the permeate, consumption of energy and chemicals, and the capacity of the plant).

Added value wastewater treatment systems Berghof Membranes

The pilot period is the perfect time to demonstrate the quality of our systems. By putting our successful skids to work we can show you the advantages of our membrane technology for your specific wastewater. Here the obvious benefits of our advanced systems emerge and you can judge that our solutions handle your wastewater effectively and efficiently.

Interested in a pilot unit?

Not 100% convinced of our sustainable solutions for your wastewater challenges? Then contact us to request a pilot unit.

Pilot System Specs
Capacity 4,0 – 15,0 m³/d*
Crossflow velocity 1,0 – 4,0 m/s
Transmembrane pressure – 0,2…+ 6,0 bar
Max temperature 40 °C
pH Range 2 – 10
 Control Berghof screen and PLC
System dimensions (L x W x H)* 3250 x 1000 x 2100 mm
Weight** 300 kg
Module type MO 315G_I8 LE XL V FRP
Total membrane area 8,4 m²

* Depends on application and CFV
** Without container

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