World Water Day 2020

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Water is our most precious resource and the source of all life on our planet. Everyone has a role to play in facing today’s environmental challenges that will affect generations to come. This is why water technology professionals across the globe are taking the lead in developing innovative solutions to ensure long-term sustainability for the municipal and industrial sectors.

To mark this year’s World Water Day, the United Nations recently published the yearly World Water Development Report, focusing on the importance of water – from universal availability and safe access, to water as the primary socio-economic enabler. In the 2020 report, entitled “‘Water and Climate Change”, the UN addresses the following points:

Berghof Membranes honors World Water Day 2020

  • Climate change challenges the sustainability of water resources, which are already under severe pressure in many regions of the world, and amplifies water-related extremes including floods and droughts.
  • Water is the ‘climate connector’ that allows for greater collaboration and coordination across the majority of targets for sustainable development, climate change and disaster risk reduction.
  • Adaptation and mitigation are complementary strategies for managing and reducing the risks of climate change through water.
  • While the need to address climate change through water is well recognized, this is not being translated into concrete action.
  • Climate funds offer a great opportunity to provide additional financing for water.
  • Embracing adaptation and mitigation measures through water is a triple-win proposal.

Furthermore, the report specifically addresses wastewater management by saying, advanced wastewater treatment can help reduce GHG emissions while supplying biogas as a source of renewable energy.”

Tubular membrane filtration in the treatment of industrial wastewater is a proven method to minimize the environmental impact of industry, enabling efficient water reuse, and supporting a circular economy approach to water resource management. For the past 40 years, Berghof Membranes has delivered robust tubular membrane solutions to reduce industry’s dependence on freshwater sources, encourage sustainable industrial growth while helping to create a cleaner environment for everyone.

We at Berghof Membranes honor #WorldWaterDay once again, renewing our commitment to protecting the world’s most valuable resource.

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