Lean management is in our core

Our continuous improvement culture challenges our employees and managers to go beyond their comfort as we believe that the only way to improve is to try something new. Continuous improvement gives us a framework for reaching the next level of excellence. So, when it comes to membrane filtration, think outside the box and contact us today.

Made in a state-of-the art LEAN-production facility.

Designed and manufactured to the highest-quality standards​

We focus on what we do best: to develop, manufacture and deliver premium quality tubular membrane products designed to help industries achieve sustainable growth and minimize their environmental impact. Over the years, we’ve achieved rapid growth and success because we remain true to our core values and our core technology.

Berghof Membranes products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the company’s fully automated LEAN production facility in Eningen, Germany. We pride ourselves on the premium quality, reliability, and efficiency of our manufacturing:

Berghof Membranes quality check

Maximizing customer value, Minimizing waste.​

“Berghof Operational Excellence Lean” is a process that never stops, we work continuously to further develop and improve ourselves, our manufacturing process, and our products. This all with the goal to exceed customer needs and ensure a satisfied end-user.

Benefits of the Berghof Operational Excellence Lean

Berghof Operational Excellence Lean


The Berghof Operational Excellence Lean is build upon 4 pillars that are the foundation or our manufacturing principle. By following this philosophy we ensure maximum customer value and minimize waste and environmental impact.

Environmental impact

In our fine-tuned lean production plant we manufacture what is needed when it’s needed. Contrary to the traditional belief that back-stock brings security,  it is a red flag to us. Like over-production, over-processing is a resource waster, sucking up resources and depleting profits over time. Our production process is constantly analyzed and refined to eliminate any unnecessary steps or materials. This less wasteful process is also designed to maintain excellent quality at the same time. In our facility, we’ve found that this type of balanced process creates a trickle-down effect that serves to increase product quality continually.



Welfare of employees

The most important factor at Berghof Membranes is the human. Whoever can work more efficiently, makes things easier, is more productive, and more satisfied. Furthermore, work safety increases when the distances between points are as short as possible and the workplace is optimally set up to be ergonomic. This is why “lean” projects have a pull effect on the team and give rise to additional ideas for improvement. This is why such a project is never completed. This mindset allows us to evolve along with customer needs and to continuously adapt to the changing world.

Constant product quality

Processes that are consistently optimized according to “lean” criteria guarantee products of the highest, consistent quality. This at the right time and at the best possible costs. To ensure the highest product quality we have a continuous quality check from the raw materials to the finished end product. Continuous improvement drives both the improvement of processes and products. Berghof Membranes is actively looking for ways to enhance its business to invariably increase the value of its products and services. As result? More sophisticated and overall more economically competitive offerings.

Fast and efficient supply chain

Less moving around. Our lean facility is strategically located to minimize time and distance in the supply chain. The floor is designed to reduce the distance employees and materials have to travel in the production process. This equals lower energy expenditure and therefore lower costs and less time wasted. More efficient production processes further minimize sources of error and allow higher piece numbers with the same optimal quality, which in turn has a positive effect on delivery time.

Impression of our new production facility

Our new production facility which was build in 2021 is designed fully according to the lean principles. Ensuring minimal waste, maximum efficiency and delivering the maximum customer value.

Think outside the box

When it comes to membrane filtration, think outside the box and contact Berghof Membranes today.

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