Tubular UF Membrane Modules

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To prevent fouling and clogging, Berghof Membranes developed its line of robust tubular UF (ultrafiltration) membrane modules based on inside-out crossflow filtration. This means more fouling-resistant membranes that are ideal for the separation and filtration of challenging industrial effluent and wastewater.

Unlike outside-in filtration, as seen with submerged membrane technology, our robust tubular UF (ultrafiltration) membranes enable operators to sustain higher flux rates with less frequent cleanings and reduced maintenance.

Tubular UF membranes from Berghof Membranes are made from low-fouling PVDF, PES and chemicalresistant polymers cast onto dual support layers. In addition, our unique module assembling process ensures straight end-to-end membrane tube configurations.

We offer various configurations and options to choose from:

  • Non-backwashable membranes
  • Backwashable membranes requiring less chemical usage
  • Various tube diameters and cutoffs
  • GRP or PVC module housings

These membranes are manufactured in our fully-automated production facility, equipped with state-of-the-art photo imaging inspection systems to ensure membrane quality and integrity.

Outside In Filtration 

Outside In Membrane FIltration
  • Higher fouling
  • Lower flux
  • Hard to clean

Inside Out Filtration 

Inside Out Membrane Filtration
  • More fouling-resistant
  • Higher sustainable flux
  • Easier to clean

Advantages of Tubular UF Membrane Modules

  • Fouling-resistant membranes due to crossflow filtration
  • Higher flux and output
  • High quality permeate ideal as pretreated feed for RO systems
  • Less frequent cleaning resulting in reduced chemical costs
  • Decrease in system downtime
  • More robust membranes that are less susceptible to breakage
Berghof Membranes - Leader in Tubular Membrane Filtration
5 mm Membrane Modules

The 5 mm ultrafiltration membrane modules from Berghof Membranes are excellent in treating low-strength wastewater and effluent streams that contain a low amount of solids, such as in water reuse applications. The smaller inner diameter of the 5 mm membrane tubes means more membranes can be packaged into a membrane module.
Greater packing density means a larger membrane area can be achieved with fewer modules, enabling plant designs with smaller footprints that still achieve the desired flux.

Berghof Membranes - Leader in Tubular Membrane Filtration
8 mm Membrane Modules

The degrading, recycling, and reuse of wastewater that contains high amounts of solids can be a real challenge for wastewater treatment plants. The 8 mm inner diameter of our high-solids tubular membranes make them ideally suited for high-strength wastewaters and effluent streams while maintaining superior fouling resistance. Applications such as landfill leachate or treatment of industrial wastewater containing oils, metals, or high COD concentration.

Berghof Membranes - Tubular Membranes for wastewater reuse
Chemical Resistant Membrane Modules

The superior robustness of Berghof’s CR membranes enable them to exhibit impressive resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and pH values (2–12), meaning that our CR membranes are ideally suited for applications with high-strength wastewater or process streams, such as RO concentrate/brine. In addition, our CR membranes can withstand intensive cleaning with strong alkaline, thus enabling longer service life.