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Membrane Modules

More than five decades of experience and 1500 project references made Berghof Membranes the expert in manufacturing tubular membranes.

We manufacture high-quality ultra-filtration tubular membranes made from PES and PVDF onto single and dual layer supports. Our tubular membranes are available in a variety of tube diameters and cut-offs.

The tubular membranes of Berghof Membranes are reliable in operation favorable operating costs.

Berghof Membranes - Leader in Tubular Membrane Filtration
5mm membranes
Berghof Membranes - Leader in Tubular Membrane Filtration
8mm membranes
Berghof Membranes - Leader in Tubular Membrane Filtration
Chemical resistant membranes

B-SMART™ – Membrane Systems

Our successful B-SMART™ external membrane skids, assure a high-quality system that achieves your effluent treatment goals and ensures that you significantly save on operational costs. The plug & play solutions we offer are sustainable and operator-friendly. We provide complete membrane systems including design, engineering and in addition, we support you optimally during the start-up. Our skids are easy to install and due to the Berghof Membranes PLC operating is simple.

B-CARE™ – Engineering & Commissioning

Whichever of our solution you choose, our global network of engineers and partners will assist you in engineering, installing, configuring and maintaining your system. This to ensure excellent performance and durability of your membrane modules or -system. Berghof Membranes is distinguished by excellent service and intensive collaboration with its partners.

Berghof Membrans B-SMART™ - system of membrane systems tailored to suit the varying needs of our customers
Berghof Membranes B-Care™ services