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With over 40 years of experience and more than 1500 project references across the globe, Berghof Membranes is the leading manufacturer of high quality tubular membranes.

Our full line of PES and PVDF tubular UF membranes are available in 5 mm or 8 mm diameter and a variety of pore sizes, housed in either GFRP or PVC-U housings. For high strength wastewater and process streams, Berghof Membranes offers chemical resistant (CR) tubular UF able to withstand highly concentrated alkaline detergents and chemicals.

Traditional wastewater treatment systems are:

  • ineffective in handling the varying peaks and loads of wastewater streams
  • highly sensitive to fouling
  • costly and difficult to clean

For these reasons, Berghof Membranes developed B-SMART®, a customizable external membrane filtration system that can be designed with various features and functionalities based on each specific application. Just as every industry, application and customer is unique, every B-SMART system can be designed to address specific needs and requirements.

The B-CARE® program from Berghof Membranes is an end-to-end comprehensive program developed to support our customers from the piloting and engineering phase to operational system monitoring and after-sales care. Because process streams and wastewater can vary significantly, there is no typical or standard solution for wastewater treatment. We know that any membrane system can only meet the expected performance when each element is thoroughly calculated, designed, engineered, assembled and maintained.

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