Wastewater treatment industries

50 years of experience and more than 1000 references worldwide, are the basis for the success of Berghof Membranes. Our experienced engineers are constantly looking for solutions that reduce operating costs and allows the increase of the profitability of our users. Our extensive experience in various industries gives us the know-how to offer the best solution for each specific situation.

The membrane technology of Berghof improves water quality for many industries including: dairy-, landfills-, food & beverage-, tannery-, and oil & gas industry. Our solutions do not only provide the best possible profit for our customers, but also but also create a cleaner environment and a better future.

Please choose the industry that applies to you. Is your industry is not listed? Then please contact us.

Steve Goodwin, CEO of Aquabio Limited

"At Aquabio we are pleased with the innovative approach and service we have received from Berghof during the 15 years of our association. Congratulations on your 50 year anniversary"

Steve Goodwin, CEO of Aquabio Limited