Webinar – Convert your waste to energy with Anaerobic MBR – 20/09/2022

It’s no secret that the world’s need for energy is increasing, causing a rise of cost. What many don’t realize is that many industries dispose a promising potential energy source everyday. While typically seen as a nuisance, the organic matter contained in heavily loaded industrial wastewater can become a valuable resource with a simple and cost-effective anaerobic process – AnMBR. Join our webinar and learn more about the huge potential for anaerobic MBR technology. 

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This webinar is best for

This webinar is for industrial end-users that are looking for a simple and cost effective solution for highly loaded and biodegradable wastewater. Or even, turn their valuable wastewater streams into a resource for biogas. In addition, the webinar offers great value to OEM companies and consultants that are looking into (further) developing their knowledge about AnMBR technology. 


AnMBR technology is ideal for the treatment of wastewater streams and slurry with high concentrations of organic matter, solids, fat, oil, and grease which is a challenging combination for conventional granulated anaerobic systems. Typical wastewater streams and slurry can be found in the: Food & beverage-, dairy-, distillery-, ethanol-, biodiesel-, and any other highly loaded wastewater.  

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