Wastewater treatment for the dairy industry

The dairy industry has utilized membrane filtration as a vital component of the manufacturing process since the early 1960’s. Due to the large quantities of water used in dairy processing, considerable volumes of effluent must be treated and neutralized before being discharged back into the environment. Many countries have implemented environmental taxes and discharge costs that make it even more critical for dairy processors to implement effective and efficient means of treating dairy effluent and maximizing water reuse.

However, given the high levels of COD and BOD concentration in the effluent, membranes must be able to withstand the challenging wastewater streams and rigorous cleaning procedures. The separation of solids and fats can pose difficulties for many membrane filtration systems currently on the market today.

Berghof Membranes Project Reference 

A dairy processor based in Richland County, Wisconsin challenged Berghof Membranes to:
• Deliver an efficient process to generate electricity and heat from whey and other high-strength liquid waste
• To further treat anaerobic industrial wastewater discharge with high levels of solids before discharging into a nearby river

Membrane filtration solutions for the dairy industry

Berghof Membranes offers a complete line of membrane solutions for the dairy industry. See below for the related membrane products for the dairy industry.

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