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Berghof Membranes at International Conference on Membranes in Drinking and Industrial Water Production

09-02-2017 11:04

From 6th till 8th February the eighth conference on Membranes in Drinking and Industrial Water Production (MDIW) took place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. This event was hosted by the European Desalination Society (EDS) and Wetsus (centre of excellence for sustainable water technology).

The conference gives an overview of the most recent developments in membrane technology and membrane processes. During the MDIW a connection was made between scientists, engineers, operators, government departments, consulting firms and managers from the (waste)water industry.

Berghof Membranes is a leading membrane supplier with a strong focus on innovation and R&D and therefore was asked to present about commerlization of innovative membrane solutions.

Our new Head of Technology -Piotr Dlugolecki, PhD- gave a presentation about bringing innovations to the water market. The first part of the presentation was focused on engineering innovations such as the fully adaptable “Biopulse” system. This innovative product, which is already proven in the field was very well received by the audience. The Biopulse system shows that smart technologies can support wastewater plant operators and increase their efficiency. This self-regulating membrane system automatically adapts to changing wastewater conditions with the aim to operate at the lowest possible velocity, as result end-users save on their operational costs.

The second part of the presentation was focused on development of tubular forward osmosis (FO) membranes in partnership with Aquaporin Asia. Piotr Dlugolecki explained that, besides demand driven innovations, Berghof Membranes is focusing on a - technology push innovation. By developing tubular FO membranes the company is creating solutions to a demand that the market is yet unaware of. As a result of doing this, Berghof Membranes distinguish itself from competitors. The FO modules are already produced at pilot scale and initial test results are very promising. The next step in this development is to define sweet spots and applications for this highly innovative membrane technology.



Reference: https://www.desline.com/congress/Leeuwarden2017/home.html