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Wastewater treatment oil & gas industry

Process water is used in the oil and gas industry in order to generate enough power for the drilling of oil- or gas. During this process, approximately ten times more wastewater than oil is being generated, this makes the handling, separation and disposal of the wastewater one of the most expensive aspects of the oil and gas industry.

Complexity wastewater oil and gas industry

Waste water originating from the oil and gas industry contains lots of chemical substances. In addition to chemicals, which are added during the process, the groundwater contains large concentrations of salts, metals, and biodegradable organic substances (BOD). In addition, there is a possibility of naturally occurring radioactive material in the wastewater from the oil and gas industry. Therefore It is important to determine the risks related to the toxicity of the individual components.

This means that the wastewater from the oil and gas industry is very complex and variable. Wastewater from oil refining processes must, therefore, be intensively treated before it can be discharged.


Membrane products for the oil & gas industry

Berghof Membranes offers a complete line of membrane solutions for the oil & gas industry, both upstream and downstream. See below for the related membrane products for the industry.

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