Hikal Limited relies on external membrane technology SES and Berghof Membranes

Berghof Membranes has been awarded a new contract in India with our local partner Southern Ecologics & Services Pvt. Ltd (SES) to supply a tubular UF system at the Bangalore manufacturing facilities of the leading pharmaceutical company Hikal Limited.

With a treatment capacity of 350 m3/day, the scope of the project is the conditioning of the effluent of a biological SBR treatment with the objective of improving the performance of the existing RO installation. Berghof’s tubular UF membranes were selected as the best technology to treat the ETP effluent, with TSS up to 300 mg/L and turbidity up to 250 NTU.

With the implementation of the UF stage, the performance of the RO system is greatly improved and significant benefits are obtained: increased and consistent recovery of 80%, minimized chemical cleaning (at least half the current frequency), enhanced membrane lifetime (existing erosion issues eliminated) and cartridge filter replacement almost avoided. Moreover, the reject of the tubular UF – as low as 3% – is sent back to the Aeration system as ‘concentrated biomass’, increasing the MLSS for a more efficient biological process.

The implementation of the tubular UF brings important cost savings, with lower operation costs and minimum labour needs. What’s more, Hikal Limited will continue strengthening its commitment to environmental sustainability with this improved approach for industrial water reuse.

Tubular membrane filtration is frequently utilized for wastewater treatment because of the greater ease in cleaning, zero odor emissions, and overall superior robustness. Contact Berghof Membranes and our team of engineers can support you in designing a tubular membrane filtration system for your industry.

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