AnMBR Solutions for Industrial Applications 

AnMBR is ideal for the treatment of wastewater streams with high concentrations of organics, solids, fat, oil, and grease. Ultrafiltration membranes (UF) ensure complete solids retention, efficient system operation and process stability in the anaerobic systems at all times. The AnMBR biomass has a different consistency compared to the aerobic MBR and contains more single cells.

Membrane fouling is mainly caused by deposits and accumulation of micro-organisms, colloids, solutes and cell debris on the membrane surface. Therefore, the main challenge in this process is to control fouling potential via low-fouling membranes, optimal operational conditions and advanced cleaning protocols.

Traditional anaerobic systems can be easily upgraded to an AnMBR configuration in order to increase loading capacity, and improve performance and effluent quality.

Industrial wastewater with high organic loads is a potential and valuable source of energy if treated anaerobically.

Anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) systems combine anaerobic digestion with physical separation via membrane filtration, resulting in maximum organic load removal. Additionally, the methane rich in biogas can be used as a renewable source of power or heat.

Berghof Membranes Process Flow Illustration - AnMBR applications

Use of Berghof Membranes tubular UF filtration ensures complete solids retention, efficient system operation and process stability at all times.
External crossflow filtration technology from Berghof Membranes results in:

Superior Effluent Quality

Increased Treatment Capacity

Smaller Footprint

Low Sludge Production

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Biogas Optimization

Anaerobic membrane biorreactor (AnMBR) applies to high-strenght and high-solid wastewaters (food and beverage, dairy, ethanol, distilleries). It combines anaerobic digestion with membrane filtration. Some cases can apply RO (reverse osmosis) treatment after the AnMBR one.

Presentation | Biogas Optimization with Tubular Membranes

Dairy Industry

A dairy processor based in Richland County, Wisconsin USA, challenged Berghof Membranes to deliver an efficient process to generate electricity and heat from whey and other high-strength liquid waste and to further treat anaerobic industrial wastewater discharge.

Project Reference | Dairy Industry