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Dairy wastewater treatment

Everything you need to know to make your wastewater treatment process more efficient, more economical, and more sustainable. 

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Membrane based solutions for wastewater treatment in the dairy industry

The production of dairy products from milk (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.) generates significant amounts of difficulty to manage wastewater. Historically, wastewater in the Dairy industry has been treated utilizing technologies that were successful in treating municipal wastewater, but when applied to dairy wastewater treatment the processes were oversized, inefficient, and expensive to operate. Advancements in wastewater treatment technologies are now allowing dairy product manufacturers to treat their waste more efficiently and allow for a sustainable approach by offsetting electrical requirements and generating reusable water. As discharge regulations become tighter and freshwater becomes more scarce, a sustainable approach to wastewater treatment will be the way of the future.

The question becomes, how do I make my wastewater treatment process more efficient, more economical, and more sustainable?

About CFR and Berghof Membranes

Complete Filtration Resources (CFR) and Berghof Membranes partnership has been providing solutions based on the combination of aerobic and anaerobic biological processes and external tubular membrane separation – membrane bioreactor (MBR) and anaerobic MBR (AnMBR), respectively– for numerous dairy facilities for more than 15 years. This process has been optimized over the years to allow dairy plants to treat their wastewater in the most efficient and economical way possible.